Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LF Stores Summer Sale Begins Tomorrow!

Good Afternoon!
I was real glad I got my much need shopping done for the end of summer after work today. I visited LF Stores during their Pre-Sale event that is exclusive to preferred customers. The sale is especially great because you get to shop without the bustling crowds in addition to being the first to snag your favorite clothing articles for purchase before the big sale begins. LF Stores has two sales a year: one in February/March and the other in August/September. I highly recommend checking them out! LF has locations in Florida, Louisiana, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. I usually shop at their New York or Connecticut locations.

I purchased seven items today from LF. The first item is a light brown Fedora hat with a black ribbon band that goes around the base of the hat. It is perfect for fashionable moments on warm days and in the evenings when going out. I definitely needed one of these staple pieces and wanted to get one that was a bit different.

The second item I purchased is British flag printed lightweight scarf. I thought it would be PERFECT to wear when celebrating the London Olympic games! I love scarfs and am always on the lookout for unique, fun scarfs.

I also purchased a bright purple lace tank bra to wear under sheer shirts. I am looking to get more fun colors to wear, I'll be looking!

I bought a native print blue and beige dress with black straps and a back clasp that is adjustable. It is a high-low dress, which are definitely some of my favorite types of sundresses. It is great to wear casually or dress up with high-heeled sandals.

I also bought a deep cobalt blue dress with cool detailing that is strapless. This dress also comes in pale pink, which is also very pretty. I think the pale pink dresses is better for those with blonde hair. You can dress this outfit up with cute heels and a long or short necklace.

I got a light baby blue dress with cute detailing in the front. Great for a pleasure walk in the sun! I love that the material is very light and it fits great too!

Lastly, I purchase a sleeveless white button down shirt with metal detailing on the collar. You can wear this shirt with jeans or shorts. Very unique, which is always a plus!

Let me know if you have purchased anything there before and if you ever go or have shopped there during their sales, would love to hear from you!



  1. Hey Vanessa.. Check out ebay for more LF store items and some vintage items from previous seasons! I like this seller!

  2. hey vanessa! love the blog.. how to u become a preferred member to LF?


  3. Hi Karlie! What you do is you simply shop there when they are not having sales and be sure to give your mailing information, email and or telephone number to the cashier upon checkout. I would assume you shop there at least twice and spend at least $200 total at the store when LF is not having a sale. The clothes look really cute for this season as well. I haven't been over there yet for the holidays, but most likely I'll stop in soon!


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