Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Shame This Horror Occured

Dear Friends,

It is unfortunate that such an atrocity has occurred such as the one that happened approximately three weeks ago at the a movie theater in Colorado. I cannot help but react in anger, sadness, and anguish as I read the short bios about each of the twelve (now thirteen victims) of the shooting. The thirteenth victim was Ashley Moser's unborn child, who is also the mother of the late Veronica Moser, just six years old. Ashley Moser is reportedly paralyzed from the waist down and is still undergoing surgery. With a heavy heart, I send open arms worth of love and hope to her and her family for their losses. I was beyond devastated to read the news of this tragedy and pray that the families of those whose lives were lost and of those who were wounded stay strong through this time of grief.


I rarely if ever watch the news. It was a family member who told me about what had happened a few days after the fact. I never enjoy hearing bad news and wish to not live in fear. I believe that it is important that we are mindful of such catastrophes and be cautious, but we should never live in fear. Instead, we must live in the present and enjoy every moment. Another reason I do not want to tune in to coverage of the massacre or the hearing is because I don't want to give the individual who was responsible for this heinous crime any publicity or attention. The veracity of this news story is alarming and horrific enough, and I wish to not look at the murderer in the eye, I just can't.

I was deeply saddened when I read about the victims in People magazine. I was touched by the men who protected their girlfriends during the shooting and pray that their girlfriends stay strong during this very tough time. It is without any doubt that they were loved by their sweethearts. Each individual who past on had a lovely heart. It is a shame we lost them but I know they will never be forgotten.

Recently, I was reading the blog of the young women, Jessica Ghawi (alias name: Redfield) who unfortunately was one of the thirteen victims of the shooting. It was so haunting to read her last tweet: "Movie doesn't start for 20 minutes." Someone that was so full of life and seemed like such a bright and lovely young woman was killed for absolutely no reason. It was also even more astonishing that she witnessed the Toronto shooting about a year ago and expressed how lucky she was to be alive in her blog post. Her, brother Jordan Ghawi, wrote a blog, including a recent blog post dedicated to his sister. I extend my deepest sympathy to him and his family. According to Jordan's blog, it states: "We have now established the Official Jessica Redfield Sports Journalism Scholarship Fund. If you would like to donate, you can do so here." Most likely, foundations will be established to honor the additional victims. 

I hope especially that justice will be served for this crime. It is an unspeakable act, and I hope that an appropriate sentence will be brought forth.

We must always remember that love is stronger than hate. Let us imagine what we can do with the love that we make and share.


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