Monday, July 23, 2012

Dassant Baking Mixes Review!

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I am pleased to introduce you a simple and great way to prepare and bake delicious breads, scones, cakes and brownies. Dassant Gourmet Mixes has a wide variety gourmet mixes that are perfect for all holidays and celebrations. For the fall season, I suggest their American Pie Applesauce cake mix or their Pumpkin Bread Mix. winter holiday season, they offer a premium Ginger Gingerbread cake mix made with molasses and nutmeg. Won't that smell delicious and comforting during those chilly winter months?

 Dassant Baking Mixes founder, Scotty Mac, established his company twenty-five years ago with the creation of his Classic Beer Bread recipe. The recipe was first introduced in MacBeck’s Eatery, a restaurant Scotty Mac owned in the NW industrial area of Portland, Oregon.  After numerous compliments and rave reviews, he began to ponder the marketing potential of this delicious-yet-easy bread that everyone wanted to take home and share with loved ones. After working very diligently to create his business, Dassant Baking Mixes was created. Learn more about the founding of Dassant here.

Dassant makes each recipe easy to prepare, convenient, and of the highest quality. Dassant kindly sent me two baking mixes to try at home. I was sent the American Pie Applesauce cake mix and their Classic Beer Bread mix. I just love the ease and convenience of making their breads! These mixes are so perfect to prepare with just a few simple ingredients. I added cinnamon apple sauce to the Applesauce cake mix as one of the ingredients mentioned on the box. The bread was moist and paired perfectly with a small scoop of vanilla gelato.
American Pie Applesauce Cake mix

The Classic Beer Bread was so scrumptious. I certainly savored each bite of the bread, in addition to my husband and family! You can bake this bread in a loaf, flatbread, pizza, muffins and more. It is perfect when paired with almost any meal. I highly recommend pairing this bread with a hearty soup. Surprise your family or guests with this unique and tasty bread. The bread was so moist, dense and had the perfect touch of sweet taste.
Class Beer Bread mix
When you try delicious baked goods made from Dassant's gourmet mixes, you will be hooked! Visit their website for amazing products and recipes! Purchase their products here.

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