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Interview with Nicoleta Buru

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Below is my recent interview with fashion journalist and blogger, Nicoleta. She was lovely to speak with and her story is quite fascinating! She is lovely and creative in all respects. 

"My name is Nicoleta Buru. I am freelancer journalist and fashion blogger. I collaborate with on beauty natural articles. I am ex editor of business magazine and I am ex flight attendant. I like to read, to walk on the beach and socialize. My unpredictable life brought me the chance to meet a lot of  people from different countries and different nationalities that helps me to enrich myself and to ruin any preconceived ideas about other people and cultures. I never judged anyone by dress but I was in a situation that others judged me for my look, age etc. Later I understood that how we look is important; that shows we care about ourselves. And it is available for all other aspects of our life. You want to be beautiful, healthier, successful or something else? You have to work on it! Nothing may achieved effortless or by miracle. That is the philosophy of my blog. You are most welcome to visit it:
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1. Where are you from (country, region)?

I am originally from Moldova. But I live in Italy with my family.

2. What languages do you speak?
I speak Romanian, Russian, Italian and English.

3. What are your three favorite pieces in your wardrobe?
I have some favorites pieces that I can’t do less without: jeans, leather jacket and denim shirt.

4. How often do you go shopping?
When I used to travel as a cabin crew I was shopping very often, once in 2-3 days, cos I didn’t want to miss any occasion to meet new shops, local brands etc. For example, in South Korea, in Seoul, they have really beautiful pastels and flower typical clothes that I like so much. Now, since I settled on  ground I shop once in a week. Especially on Saturday when it's open, I go to the outdoor market where I can find local, quality Italian brands.

5. What are your favorite pieces of jewelry that you own?
In my teen years, I preferred hand-made accessories, later on, as a flight attendant I gave my preferences to more classy jewelry like the pearls. Right now I am not too much into jewelry. I like the pearl collars, or any kind of collars that you can attach to 
the dress or shirt. That could change a completely ordinary dress into a glamorous outfit.

6. Have you ever done any Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects? If so, what have you made?
With my recent outfit “Happy Spring look” I wear there a DIY clutch. That was a cover for my computer but for its fancy color I gave another utility to it. 
7. Where have you traveled and where would you like to travel?
Thanks to my former job, I had a great opportunity to see the world. Won’t be enough all my fingers to count all the country that I have been visited. Although, I still have a dream to visit Japan. I am terribly attracted to Japanese culture, Japanese philosophy and harmony that they spread around with any gesture. Would be fantastic to have a chance to spend at least 3 months in Japan.

8. What are your favorite foods?
I love Italian cuisine. Since I come back home I took some pounds. That happened every time I stay a bit longer in Italy. Just few dishes that makes me crazy: lasagna, pasta in sea fruits, pizza with figs and prosciutto, ravioli and ice-cream. I won’t stop saying that Italian ice-cream is the best in the world. 

9. Who are your favorite designers?
I like a lot of designers, most of are Italian. To mention a few: Aquilano e Rimondi, Emilio Pucci, Balmain, JO NO FUI, Moschino, Dolce & Gabana, Luis Vuitton etc. Recently I discovered Davin Koma, a Georgian new designer but yet very talented.

10. What do you enjoy writing or blogging about? What are your favorite blogs? is part of my personal project to become more beautiful, healthier and happier. I write about my results, and my style attempts and I invite everyone to feel free to give me the feedback. I am happy to learn of any comment. I think the style, beauty, healthier life style and happiness it something that you can learn to improve. And the quality of your life is absolutely depends on you! Life is what you make out of it!"

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