Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fabulous Fall Survey

Dear Friends,

Below is a fun survey I thought we all might try to answer. Post your answers to the questions below on your blog! This survey is originally from Annette's blog.

Apple picking or pumpkin picking?
I've never been pumpkin picking (even though there are tons of patches around me). I love apple picking but would have to say I would enjoy both. I love choosing fresh fruit and vegetables and supporting my local farming community.

Favorite apple recipe?
Warm apple crisp paired with a Yankee candle Warm Apple Crisp for mood purposes.

Favorite pumpkin recipe?
You know what's so funny, I never liked pumpkin pie until a few years ago. Now I love EVERYTHING pumpkin: pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin banana bread with cream cheese icing, pumpkin cupcakes, you can't go wrong! My favorite would have to be homemade pumpkin ravioli.

Favorite soup recipe?
Definitely pasta fagioli (white bean and noodles version) with no meat. My favorite was from a restaurant called Taormina in NYC, the restaurant is no longer there, so now I visit Pellegrino's in NYC's Little Italy. 
Football: on TV or in the stadium?
Not really into football, baseball and hockey are much more me (YANKEES)!

Favorite football team to cheer for?
If I were to choose, it would be the New York Giants.

Daylight Savings Time – love it or hate it?
I love spring forward much better. I do not like more darkness :-/
How do your workouts change (if at all) during the fall months?
I love tend to retreat inside more because I love to be outside as much as possible during the warmer months. I focus on my indoor cycling and workout routines (weight training and cardio kick boxing) during the cooler months. I still try to run to the gym and back from my house as often as I can when the weather permits. 
Favorite Halloween candy?
Of course, Reese's Fast Break, Hershey's Cookies and Cream, Take 5 and Candy Corn!

Any fashion essentials for fall weather?
I love boots, cozy sweaters, tight jeans, flats, and scarves! My favorite recent item are definitely my Le Chameau rain boots from England and flats from Sam Edelman. 
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Do your meals change when the weather changes?
Yes, I eat more starchy vegetables and soups in addition to more bread and pastas such as pumpernickel bread and raviolis. 
Favorite fall dinner?
Pasta, almost any kind with a generous amount of sauce. I also love Indian curry dishes and I love to bake ziti and chicken parmigiana.

Favorite fall dessert?
Pumpkin bread with cream cheese icing or warm apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream. ALSO, soft-serve pumpkin ice cream with cookie dough and caramel sauce. 
Best thing about fall?
Pumpkin everything, fall foliage, warm sweaters, apple cider, hot cocoa and hot (pumpkin spiced) lattes.

Worst thing about fall?
The shorter days and the anticipation of even cooler days!
Best thing that will happen in fall 2012?

Traveling and seeing my family and husband. Also focusing on my writing and career growth! I will also be doing even more cooking at home, which is always exciting!

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