Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kate Middleton's Fascinators

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Good afternoon, everyone! It has been a lovely day thus far. This morning I watched HRH The Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee celebrating sixty years as being England's ruler. It was a breathtaking ceremony! My favorite was when the royal air force flew over Buckingham palace and emitting red, white and blue exhaust to symbolize the colours of Great Britain's flag. I also of course enjoyed seeing the royal family during their luncheon at Parliament and then en route to the palace.

Kate Middleton fascinator hats

I particularly took note of the Duchess of Cambridge's fascinator that she wore today. It was so beautiful! It was a hat designed by Jane Taylor. The hat is described on her website as a “beaded cocktail hat with a birdcage viel and disc trim." Prices for her stunning hats start from £350. 

Kate Middleton fascinator hats

Kate Middleton fascinator hats

Kate Middleton has worn some gorgeous fascinators ( a type of headpiece). I have included some photos of my favorites throughout the post. I especially love the red "maple leaf" hat she wore to her trip to Canada last year and a pink hat she wore to a Buckingham tea party. 

Kate Middleton fascinator hats

I have become very interested in hats recently, wearing them for both casual and formal events. I think they are terrific and can be very tasteful and elegant statement pieces. Though I am a huge fan of many British designers and that wearing formal hats to formal events are synonymous with British fashion culture, I think that they are lovely to wear and enjoy wearing them as often as possible. 

On Jane Taylor's website, there were a few that I adored, but unfortunately the prices are high for me at the moment. Perhaps someday! 

Kate Middleton fascinator hats

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