Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stay Healthy and Help Your Local Community

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Lately, I have been pondering the idea of eating healthy foods and avoiding processed foods or foods with unhealthy preservatives and additives. Many individuals that I know personally have abstained from eating at fast-food restaurant chains and choose to either eat at home and or eat at restaurants that serve organic and natural meals.

I understand that often times eating healthy comes with a high price tag. However,eating healthy is beneficial for all of us in the long run and is a great investment for our and our family's health and well-being. I would rather spend a few extra dollars on each food item than eat inexpensive processed food that is unhealthy for us.

I have been thinking of what is the best way to ensure that we are eating foods that do not contain harmful pesticides and foods that are healthy. One way to ensure that we are eating food that is nutritious is purchasing from vendors local to our area. In this way we can support our local community farmers and businesses.

For example, visiting and purchasing food items from farmers markets and farm stands is an excellent way to support your local community and eat healthy. Remember, that even though you may be purchasing organic food items, many of those items are transported a great distance, thus creating a great amount of emissions in addition to the food items being handled by multiple parties.

When you purchase items from your local market and or food stand, you are also buying produce that is in season, which is known to contain more nutrients and has healthier benefits, such as increasing your consumption of powerful anti-oxidants.*

I intend to visit my local farmers market every other week to purchase locally grown and made foods. I will let you know what I have purchased and how everything tastes! I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! How do you incorporate your local food markets in your grocery shopping ventures? How often do you visit your local markets?



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