Friday, May 18, 2012

Koi Couture Shoes

Dear Friends,

I am eager to introduce you to Koi Couture, one of the UK's leading shoe brands. I am also excited to inform you that I am now a Koi Couture blogger, as per the badge on my sidebar!

Koi Couture was founded and is based in Machester, UK and exclusively designs stylish women's footwear. Their style is highly influenced by and reflects modern British fashion culture. I fell in love with their shoe brand immediately as I am a huge fan of British fashion and culture. As most of you already know, my first trip to the UK last summer was one of the most amazing travel experiences I have ever had.

Discover Koi Couture's latest shoes on their website. They have a fabulous collection of shoes for the spring/summer that will most definitely make that statement at your events including graduation, dances, or simply while on the go or out and about.

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