Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Interview with Fashion and Art Blogger, Jane Sohn Bearden

Dear Friends,

Below is my interview with Fashion and Art Blogger, Jane Sohn Bearden. I hope you enjoy reading!

My name is Jane Sohn Bearden, 24 years old. I am a Blogger and Art and Fashion Lover.
I also own a pearl company with my Husband called Moya Pearls.
This is a business that we started about a year ago when we were living in China and now we import very beautiful, high quality Chinese and Japanese pearls and sell them at wholesale prices.

Please check us out at http://www.moyapearls.com/ . My blog is http://www.jane.moyapearls.com/

1. What country or region do you reside in?

Right now I’m living in Dallas, Texas. I moved here from Uzbekistan, Tashkent half a year ago.

2. What are your most recent goals regarding fashion?

I want to be more open-minded about fashion. And if before I was attached to just one style, now I want to give room to all others and try new things, as well as share my style and be an inspiration to others.

3. What are your three favorite fashion trends of the current season?

I like pastel palettes. I think they are good on anyone. It looks girly and a bit tender I would say. On the other hand I also like neon colors. They make a person look unusual and bold. And I like polka dots. It’s a classic trend.

4. Who is your fashion role model?

Coco Chanel. She is a legendary woman with strong character and great taste. She did a lot in the fashion world, people still remember and respect her. She was passionate about fashion and I think no matter what you are doing: building houses or designing clothes, everything should be done with passion.

5. Do you incorporate vintage or DIY into your styles?

No. I just don’t have time for DIY. But maybe in the future… who knows.. =)

6. What are your favorite hobbies?

I like photography and art. I’m an amateur in this area, but it really starts to attract me more and more.

Jane's painting. So beautiful!!
7. What is your favorite food, drink and place to eat?

As I have a lot of cultural backgrounds (I’m Korean, born in Uzbekistan, native language is Russian) I love to eat almost everything. I’m not big fan of Chinese food, even though I lived there for almost 2 years. Drink? Mmm I drink coffee every morning, I guess it’s my favorite. I like to eat at home. I can’t wait to have a big family and see everyone around the table eating my food. =)

8. Where is the most beautiful place for you to take photos?

I take photos everywhere I can, because as I noticed sometimes at the most unexpected places you can find something surprisingly beautiful.

9. Which are your favorite shops?

Bershka. It’s a Spanish brand and they have pretty stylish clothes. But unfortunately there is no Bershka in USA.

Jane wearing her Bershka boots
Recently I’ve noticed the brand Shasa.

10. What are your favorite fashion pieces that you currently own and one fashion item you would love to own?

My Bershka boots. They are very comfortable and you can wear them with anything you want: shorts, dress, jeans. And I would like to own a Rio Piazzato Bowler Bag by Emilio Pucci.

Emilio Pucci Bag
Thank you, Jane!



  1. I really like your blog !!

    I want to start a blogpresentation and if you want to, you could apply for it ;)



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