Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Interview with Fashion and Beauty Blogger Inge

Dear Friends,

Below is my recent interview with Inge, a fashion blogger from Belgium!

For more information about Inge read her blog and check her out on Facebook and Twitter @FashionEnVie.
1. Where are you from (you can be as specific or general as you would like). How does your sense of style reflect your culture, country or region?

I’m from Belgium and I’m currently living in the city of Antwerp because I study here. I believe it does reflect in my style. I’ve noticed that people are very moderate here, you won’t see many people walking around wearing noticeable items, you will see a lot of regular jeans though. It depends on where you’re going of course, but I’d say this is true for most part of the city.
2. What current trends are your favorite or least favorite?

My favorite is definitely pastels and spring colors like mint and tangerine, I love to accessorize using these colors. My least favorite trend would be the Isabel Marant sneakers. I love the idea of a heel within a sneaker, but I’m not a big fan of the look of the sneaker itself.

3. Where are your favorite places to shop? Are there online shops?

I usually shop at Mango, Zara, River Island, Forever21,… but I actually like shopping online more because it’s a lot easier and more comfortable. My favorite online shops are topshop, asos, romwe and hippe-hebbedingetjes.

4. Are there any brands or fashion icons that inspire you? (For example, my mom has inspired me through fashion. I love to look in her closet for fashion items!)

I’m mostly inspired by other bloggers, street style photos and lookbook of course. I’m actually working on a blogpost about a few of the most inspiring fashion bloggers to me, it should be up by Thursday afternoon on
5. Describe vintage in your own words. How would you currently describe the current vintage trend. Do you own our wear any vintage items?

I would describe vintage pieces as pieces with a high monetary and/or emotional value. I’m thinking about pieces from your grandparents which pass on to every new member of the family and so on.

I don’t own any vintage items, basically because I really believe in the emotional value of those pieces and my family hasn’t been busy with passing things on.

6. What is your favorite nail polish brand and color? What color are your nails currently?

My favorite brand would be OPI, but my most used brand is elf (eyeslipsface). I love vibrant colors and pastels, mine are currently painted in “coral” by elf:

7. What are your favorite foods and places to eat? Do you cook? If so, do you have a favorite food to cook?

I’m a huge fan of Japanese food like sushi and sashimi, I prefer to eat that in the real traditional Japanese restaurants. The people are so friendly and I love the whole atmosphere in these restaurants.

I live together with my boyfriend during the week and that’s when I cook really simple, everyday food like quick spaghetti with vegetables, mashed potatoes and carrots, things like that.

8. What pieces of fashion do you feel will stay in style for a while?

I think we’ll see a lot of coloured jeans this spring/summer and I think those will come back in 2013 because they’re comfortable to wear, outstanding yet easy to combine.

9. Which are your favorite fashion blogs, websites or magazines and why?

I love This Chik’s got Style, Fashionata, Frassy, … because they all have a personal style which they hold on to and they have the confidence that is needed to do all that.
10. What are your favorite beauty products?

I swear by Shiseido “The Skincare”, it’s very easy to apply and it does wonders for me. I also love the Rituals “Sakura” line for body products which have an amazing scent.
11. Do you have a favorite perfume?

I’m not so much of a perfume person, but I can appreciate Nina Ricci.
12. What is your favorite musician and movie?

My favorite movie is “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, it’s the story of the end of a relationship where the girl erases her memory and the boy relives all their memories when he gets his memory erased as well.

I don’t have only one favorite musician, it changes very often. I’m currently into dEUS, Snow Patrol, …

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