Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sisters Gourmet Review!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

If you are in the mood to bake and enjoy delicious and tempting baked treats with your family and friends, Sisters Gourmet has what you are looking for! Sisters Gourmet has a variety of gourmet cookie, brownie, Blondie and cake mixes to make at home, from holiday cookie mixes to decadent cake mixes. Though it may be tough to choose which ones you would like to make first, there is certainly a mix for everyone's taste and mood.

Sisters Gourmet was founded in 1995 by sisters Lisa and Suzy, who always enjoyed baking in the kitchen together with their mom when they were young. They would bake cookies together after school and find comfort in the smell of fresh baked goods in their kitchen. Their story reminds me of when I was growing up; I took much of what I learned from cooking with my mom and grandparents when I was young and have transformed them into my own baking projects. I still love cooking with my mom and grandparents as there is something very special about working together in the kitchen with your loved ones.

Cookie Mix Sisters Gourmet Jars

They sent me two mixes for review: Million Dollar Cookies and Hopscotch Cookies as pictured above. The recipes were very easy to follow, and the mixes certainly created a tasty cookie! I really enjoyed both mixes equally, but I do have a soft side for butterscotch, as it is my favorite type of cookie!

I brought each batch into my school where I student teach on two different days. The second batch I brought in during parent-teacher conferences. Each batch of approximately 24-26 cookies was eaten in less than an hour. Many faculty and staff members approached me in the hallways, asking for the recipe. Instead I provided them with my blog address and the Sisters Gourmet website for the mixes. I remember walking in during my lunch break when I had the Million Dollar cookies out on the table and only three were left. About a minute later, the entire batch was eaten! Everyone was raving about them and telling me how yummy they were!

Hopscotch Cookies:

Million Dollar Cookies:

Their variety of products makes baking "fun and convenient" for everyone. Each recipe is made with only the finest ingredients. Their website offers baking tips and recipes! Each mix comes with its own recipes in addition to quick tips for that item!

*Note: Sisters Gourmet prefers not to ship mixes during the summer due to the heat exposure. The jar mixes range in cost from $7.99 to $15.99. Orders over $50 have free shipping! Visit their blog  or website to learn more information. 

Sisters Gourmet: "Baking a difference since 1995."

Happy Baking!


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