Saturday, March 17, 2012

Disney World Food Purchases

Dear Friends,

Even though there are so many wonderful food items to purchase in Disney World, I would like to share a few of my favorites from a recent trip.

Below are three snacks I purchased from the Japanese pavilion. One of my favorite snacks is Pocky, so I always buy a unique flavor of Pocky whenever I visit. I also like to try something new! The chocolate cheesecake bites were very yummy and not too sweet. These two flavors of Pocky were definitely winners! Great with tea or coffee in the evening or for kids to bring to school as a dessert. Each container contains the Pocky wrapped in small packages.

At the Magic Kingdom, you cannot skip out on purchasing some containers of the Alice in Wonderland tea. A great accompaniment for the tea are the Walker's Disney shortbread rounds. I love both the chocolate and the plain. It just depends upon my mood which one I prefer when  :-).

Happy Snacking!

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