Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rugby Ralph Lauren Favorites

Happy Saturday!

Below are some photos of certain clothing items I really like at Rugby Ralph Lauren. They have some beautiful pieces for the upcoming season. I look forward to seeing the new items up for sale later on in October. I would love to get a new cardigan! By the way, they offer 15% off of full priced items for students (with a valid ID).

It seems for the most part my desired fashion pieces stay consistent throughout each season. For the summer, I always love summer dresses and sandals and for the fall I love cardigan sweaters, long sleeve or three quarter length fitted shirts, plaid shirts, and corduroys. I am hoping to experiment a bit more with fashion and pick up some new pieces that I may not already have. Perhaps some winter skirts paired with high socks would be cute with a vest.

I love these! I bought two pairs last season: the purple and light beige. I hope to get the dark beige.
Paired with a shawl sweater or tight-fitted shirt is great. I would wear these with black flats.

I just love the elbow patches. I have one sweater with the elbow patches. These jackets are perfect for autumn!

Plaid shirts are my favorite for fall! I always wear these shirts with blue jeans.

This cardigan, which comes in blue, green and brown, is favorite peice this season! A skirt or skinny jeans would love incredible. I also love the socks she is wearing.

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