Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Lovely Animal Family Members and Friends

Good Day Everyone!

Below are some adorable photo of some of the animals in my life. Abby is my and my husband's cat (short-haired tiger-striped, Puffy and Tigger, two boys, are my and my family's Persian cats. They turned 11 this past year! Abby is going to be 3 in September.
The longer haired black kitty is Lucy, my friend Alex's cat and the pretty polydactyl tortoise shell cat's name is also Tigger. She is my Aunt's cat. The handsome black cat with yellow eyes is Panther, my grandparents' cat.
Also pictured are some animal friends at the Hampton Classic Horse show on Long Island, including an angora rabbit, ponies, a piggy and alpacas.

Abby eating her breakfast

Angora rabbit

Love my hairdo?



Abby peaking in the bathroom

Tigger lounging!





Panther loves to play in his house

Lucy saying hello!

Tigger says it's time for breakfast!

Tigger wants his treats

Puffy watching the cooking for dinner

Tigger is taking out his toys

Puffy wants to be brushed in the bathroom

Puffy sees something!
Tigger is pondering many subjects

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