Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Interview with Sandra Asantewaa

Dear Friends,

Below is my latest interview with fashion blogger, Sandra Asantewaa.

 Read below to learn all about this amazing woman!

What country are you from?
I am from Holland.

How does your culture inspire your style?
I am originally a Ghanaian, so my culture inspires me to wear bold colors and not to be afraid to try new things out.

What are your three favorite fashion items that you own?
My three favorite items have got to be my dkny handbag, my converse all stars and my ray band wayfarers.

What are some trends that you think will last for many seasons?
I think the trends that will last for many seasons are ltb, classy black pumps, and cardigans.

Where do you most like to shop?
I usually shop at new look, h&m and flee markets.

Are there any DIY fashion pieces that you made or own?
I am not really a do it yourself kind of person, but I definitely want to start customizing some of my clothes.

Who are your favorite bands?
My favorite bands have to to be coldplay, the kooks and snow patrol.

What are your hobbies besides fashion?
I love to cook, read magazines and shop. I guess, I am a typical girl.

Name three countries you would love to visit someday.
I would love to visit the us, Botswana and Brazil.

My name is Sandra Asantewaa, I am 21 and a student. I am originally from Ghana, but I have being living in the netherlands for 8 years now. My hobbies, are shopping, reading and cooking. I have a true passion for fashion, which I have had since I was a kid. My favorite brands have got to be marc jacobs, Michael kors, tom ford and gucci. I can't really afford these brands at the moment so I compensate with clothes from river island, primark, h&m, new look, top shop and thrift shops. I will hopefully be able to afford my favorite designer brands in the future. I love reading magazines, especially elle, cosmopolitan and marie claire. My favorite things to eat are Ghanaian food and sushi. I want to travel as much as possible and preferably to countries in Africa and Asia. I started a blog with a dear friend of mine a while ago. She loves fashion and food as much as I do, which was a perfect idea to start a blog. We have both been busy with school and work, so we plan on updating it weekly starting from this month.

Her instagram is @asantewaas

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