Friday, April 27, 2012

Fashionista Tessa Santos Interview

Dear Friends,

Below is my interview with the stunning Tessa Santos, a fashion blogger and artist from the Philippines. Visit her Lookbook at and her blog,

Short bio:
I am Tessa Santos. 20 years old. Proud Filipino. I am a graduate of Communication Arts Minor in Digital Media Production. I grew up and spent 12 happy years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was where I learned my first ABC’s, I met friends, lived a life full of comfort and being dependent to my parents. I would say that my strongest point would be my talents and my creativity. Fashion and arts are my passion. That is why I started blogging last 2011. My blog is basically about my fashion sense; make up, shopping and the exciting events of my daily life.

1. What country are your from (or region)?
I’m from Manila, Philippines

2. How did you first get started with fashion?
Fashion magazines and fashion bloggers influenced me a lot about fashion. I grew up in a place where people are not allowed to wear the clothes that they want. It started when I moved here in the Philippines for College. It is when I learned to express myself and show my emotions through dressing up without any limitations and rules. Lookbook also played a big part because seeing creative and fashionable people gives me inspiration and confidence in myself. I knew that I fell in love with fashion when I started collecting shoes, dresses, scarves, accessories and handbags.

3. Who are your favorite designers?
I adore Kira Plastinina—she gave me inspiration when it comes to designing since she’s known worldwide as one of the youngest fashion designer. I also admire Michael Cinco. His lovely works were recently featured in the hit TV Show “America’s Next Top Model”. He is a pride to the Philippines.

4. Where do you most like to shop?
I love the pieces from Forever 21, Mango and Terranova. They offer a variation of designs that once you wear those pieces it just fits perfectly. I love shoe shopping in Janilyn, New Look and Nine West.

5. What are your current favorite trends?
We’re currently experiencing super hot weather here in the Philippines so I’m into Maxi dresses, mullet skirts, wedges, denim shorts and cropped tops. These clothes are perfect for summer.

6. What are your favorite hobbies besides fashion?
I’m into photography, painting and designing.

7. How could you incorporate your hobbies into your interest for fashion?
One of my hobbies is Photography. It started when I was in First Year College, with my point and shoot camera I developed my love for photography. I decided to take classes in Basic in Photography and make it my elective. I enjoy photo shoot session with my friends wherein I style and doll them up. It gives me a sense of happiness every time I browse the outcomes of the photographs. Another is Fashion Designing: My first ever project was like a dream come true for me. I was asked to design an outfit for my friend’s talent portion for an inter-school competition. I was thrilled because I knew that someone believed in my little talent.

8. What is your dream career or job?
I dream to be a renowned Fashion stylist. I dream of a job wherein no matter how tiring it is, I still enjoy it because it is my passion. I cannot imagine how terrible it is, if you stayed with a job that you don’t love. Follow what your heart desires.

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  1. Wow! Tessa is really a great fashion blogger! I'm a follower of her blog. :) <3

    I had fun reading the interview. :)

    Oh, and please visit my blog if you have time.


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