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My Top Five Places to Shop for Clothing

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I have been thinking a lot about fashion lately, especially when I sometimes have trouble putting outfits together and trying to develop my own signature sense of style. I feel that I have good taste in clothing, but lately I have had the strong desire to create my own unique image of fashion. Not that I do not already; I feel that my clothing choices are original and quite often unique and tasteful.
Recently, I have been shopping for more "edgy" pieces, such as a pair of boots I recently purchased at Sam Edelman.

I try to buy as many items as possible either on sale or at reduced prices, such as on, where I could find many items reduced. Yet, if the item is a "one of a kind" and sells out fast, I may buy it full price, with the fear of it being sold out.

Below are the stores that I shop at the most! Where do you like to shop for clothes? Where do you tend to find the best clothes at the best prices?

Rugby Ralph Lauren

I love the classic pieces of Ralph Lauren, and especially that they are a high end clothing store that does not sell fur! Rugby has a variety of preppy, classic clothing items, such as Oxford cloth shirts that you could design yourself and add patches and monograms to! The style is very English with a variety of sweaters, tweed coats and blouses! I love to shop hear all year round, especially in the late fall and spring! *Also, if you are student, get 15% off regular priced items with your student ID! How awesome is that?!


There are LF Stores around the country, predominantly in California, Florida, the New York Metro area and Boston, with a new store that recently opened in Texas. LF is known for their unique, vintage and fashionable pieces, and the website gives you a sneak peak at current fashion trends and pieces that they sell from those trends. I find that many of their pieces do not fade out and stay in fashion for quite some time. For example. I have some blue jean skits, sweat jackets, knits and sweaters that I purchased over four to five years ago! I have many pairs of jeans from their that have lasted through many seasons. Their jeans are very durable and to be quite honest, Furst Premium, a brand they sell, is one of the most reliable denim designers! The jeans never fade or wear out! I love the kimonos they sell there and especially that I know that each piece I purchase is unique and rare! They have excellent end-of-season sales as well! For fun, fashionable pieces, definitely check them out! I shop here year round!

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle has great, affordable clothing items for men and women. I have been shopping here since early high school, and I love their basic and flirty items that last through many seasons. Their jeans are very comfortable and I love their summer selections! American Eagle has an excellent selection of clothing for men as well! AE has a reward point system that is definitely worth it! Be sure to subscribe to their emails for great deals year round! Also, I love that the staff is reliable and friendly at every location I have visited in CT, FL and NY.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridfge is a clothing shop based in the UK. It offers unique and fashionable pieces for women. I love their biker jackets, long sleeve tees and print scarves. I bought an amazing cream color biker jacket made of polyester. I love it especially because it is not made from real leather, a must for my fashion closet! The offer international delivery and sales and special offers year round. I love their collections for every season! It is so hard to not go in the store and purchase an item! Their clothes are amazing and reasonably priced for fashionistas! I recently attended a model contest there this past July! Very fun!

Abercrombie and Fitch

I love Abercrombie for their sexy, well-made and adorable clothing pieces. My usually shop at Abercrombie during the December holiday season during sale time and during the fall. I love their sweaters and knit shirts; they also have adorable graphic tees that are tough to resist! I purchase some of their items online that are hard to find in stores. I have clothing items from Abercrombie that I still wear from over seven years ago! They offer timeless pieces that never go out of style, especially their holiday sweaters! They have a great selection for young men and women. I also love their perfume and wear it during the holidays!

Other places I shop at include: The Gap, Bloomingdales, Scoop NYC and Calypso.

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