Friday, October 28, 2011

The CUTEST Rings

Dear Friends,
I came across this fun and innovative shop on etsy called SouZouCreations. The shop owner handmakes these unique and fun rings for everyone. The bands are adjustable to fit almost everyone!

Coffee Food Ring Bagel Cream Cheese

Cute Cat Ring Miniature Food Jewelry Chocolate Bar Cat Chocolate  Ring

Cute Ice Cream Ring Chocolate Rabbit Lollipop Miniature Food Jewelry

Kawaii Cookie Ring Gingerbread Girl Milk

Food  Ring Hot Chocolate Cookie  Sprinkles

Food Ring Kawaii Dark Chocolate Cup Vanilla Ice Cream Cat Lollipop

Kawaii Floating  Ring - Curry And Rice

Cookie Jar Ring Miniature Food Ring

Blue Flower Plate Green Tea Ring

Food Ring Waffle Ice Cream Chocolate

Hot Chocolate  Cookie  Vintage Car Ring
All photos are from SouZouCreations
How adorable are these?! I am definitely going to buy some but the biggest challenge is which one to buy and how many? There are so many that I love from her selection. Above are some photos of the rings from the shop. Don't you just love the cookie jar ring...and how about the green tea ring? What is so cool is that you can pick and choose a different ring for a different meal, breakfast, lunch, etc. and even dessert!
These rings are great for all ages! Which ones are your favorites??

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