Sunday, October 2, 2011

Big E

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share with you some pictures I took while visiting the Big Expo in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The Big E is an annual enormous fair featuring representatives from each of the New England states, various carnival-theme rides, food and games, farm animals and agricultural educational activities, various exhibits and vendors, entertainment, contests, musicial events and more! There is so much to see and do at the Big E!

My favorite part is visiting the various New England state buildings: Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Each state features their own maple syrup, pies, cheeses, cotton candy, confectionary items, lemonade and more! My favorite is the Vermont cheese, maple syrup and cookies as well as the Rhode Island crab cakes. But I will tell you I love so much about each of the states, it would definitely be tough to name them all!

In my opinion, the craziest part of the fair is seeing all the deep-fried food options, which to me is definitely not appetizing. The fried foods range from deep fried jelly beans and whoopie pies to deep fried oreos and deep fried twinkies (I first tasted a lemon whoopie pie in the Maine building, and did not particularly care for it; they are really fattening and to me are just glorified Sunny Doodles/Deviled Dogs). Other crazy diet-busting foods include red velvet funnel cake (I just can't eat those!), fried kool aid (&$#@??!!), fried pb and j, fried pb and banana, fried chocolate chip cookie dough bits and fried snickers. I personally do not know how anyone can eat that. I thought indulging in snickers or cookie dough bits on a rare occasion was bad enough! O_O

The Big E is held annual from mid September through early October. If you are in the area, be sure to visit next year!

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