Friday, September 30, 2011

Molly's Cupcakes

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I frist visited Molly's Cupcakes in NYC's West Village about two weeks ago after my husband had asked if I could stop there when I was in Manhattan. This was after he heard a radio announcement on Sirius XM's the Ron and Fez show that there was a cupcake named after Ron (The Ron Bennington). The store was bright dark yellow with a baby blue awning, very distinct and easy to find in the crowded West Village. It was very spacious inside, with a generous amount of seating and counter space. I noticed that you could add sprinkles to your cupcake for a finishing touch, a very cool idea and especially great for children!

What I liked most about this cupcake eatery is that the staff is courteous, genuinely friendly and helpful. They offer different size cupcakes, ranging from mini molly, molly and center filled. Molly's Cupakes also cakes, vegan options, special orders, catering/special orders, cookies, pie, ice cream and more! There center-filled cupcakes are considered to be the most popular. They also have center-filled seasonal and speciality cupcakes including Carrie's Campfire.

Molly's Cupcakes originated in Chicago. Check out their Chicago menu here. Partial owner and head chef, Eileen Kerbel, won Season 1's Cupcake Wars Classic Cupcake Challenge. She is an Illinois native known for her center-filled cupcakes, similar to a S'mores.

I purchased the Ron Bennington Cupcake, a chocolate cake cupcake, with peanut butter filling, chocolate ganache, and topped with crushed butterscotch and the Cookie Monster, a vanilla cake, raw cookie dough center, buttercream and topped with a mini chocolate chip cookie. My husband loved the Ron Bennington. It was not too sweet, chocolatey and the butterscotch topping definitely hit the spot and gave the cupcake a bit of a crunch. The Cookie Monster cupcake was delicious; although I felt that the buttercream was very sweet, so sweet in fact I had to remove most of the icing and eat the cookie on top separately. However, the raw cookie dough center was outstanding and the cake was moist, even after freezing the cupcakes for two weeks!

Next time I visit I would like to try the center-filled Pumpkin Spice with a sweet cream cheese frosting.

Photo courtesy of Molly's Cupcakes

Molly's Cupcakes in located at 228 Bleecker St. The closest subway station is West 4th Street, Washington Square (B, D, F, M, A, C, E trains), followed by Christopher Street (1 train).

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