Thursday, September 29, 2011

ABC's of Me A-K

A - My name: Vanessa
B - My height: 5'5''
C - If I have any siblings: Yes, one brother!
D - Do you like to dance: Actually, over the years I have enjoyed it more and more. I did ballet, jazz and tap. Now I am into modern, swing, rumba, tango, and ballroom.
E - My shoe size: 8.5
F - Do I have any pets? Yes! Three cats, one bird :)
G - Age I get mistaken for: anywhere from 15-17 O_O
H - Do I have any tattoos? No...
I - Do I want any tattoos? ...No
J- What did you do today? Gym, cleaned, laundry, read, grocery shopping, cooking dinner soon
K- Do you fly kites? I do!

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