Friday, March 4, 2011

Cynthia Ann Psychic Review!

Good Morning Everyone,

I am happy to share with you a review of Cynthia Ann's psychic reading I had about a month ago. I was referred to her through the Cowgirl Chocolate's founder. What I especially liked about Cynthia Ann was that she was honest, personable and fun to chat with. She was very generous to give me a complimentary psychic reading for one half hour. She charges $2.00 a minute with a 15 minute minimum. You can purchase in advance and any unused minutes will roll over to another call. What I liked most was that she was very prompt with responding to emails. She is on pacific time so we set up a phone call chat that was convenient for both of us.

I definitely liked that she told me she meditated and thought about me and our discussion before it had occurred. I was very comfortable speaking with her and was very calm and open about our discussion. She was on target about current events in my life and also informed me of who my guardian angel is, which was definitely the highlight of the reading.

I do believe in psychics and feel it is absolutely possible to see into the future and connect with those that have passed on. Our universe is infinite and complex and I do feel that anything is possible and that our spirits live on. Cynthia Ann was a pleasure to speak with and I recommend her to anyone interest in a psychic reading!

For more information, visit her website at ASKPSYCHICCYNTHIAANN.COM.

Please leave a comment telling about a psychic reading you have had in the past and what you took away from the reading.

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  1. I had a reading with cynthia also and she is INCREDIBLE!!!! I recommended her to my friends.


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