Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sisters Gourmet Review for the Holidays

Dear Friends,

I have the pleasure of reviewing two mason jars filled with dry cookie ingredients, compliments of Sisters Gourmet. I had the opportunity to try two of their special Christmas mixes, including Merry and Bright- Winter White Cranberry and Merry and Bright- Elf Treats. Both cookie mixes have a retail price of $12.99.

The holiday season can certainly be a very joyful and exciting time for all. Writing Christmas cards, listening to holiday music in the radio and while preparing meals at home in addition to shopping for our loved ones and writing out our own Christmas list. My ultimate favorite part of the season is baking holiday cookies, cupcakes and creating elaborate, festive appetizer trays that include an assortment of cheeses, white chocolate and holiday sprinkled covered pretzels, vegetables, fruits and an array of dips (my favorite being a crab cream cheese dip).

Sisters Gourmet

It is certainly the true that the holidays can become overwhelming and chaotic. To be honest, this is the first year I have not started my Christmas shopping! However, I did have the opportunity to sit down and write out all of my Christmas and Hanukkah cards the other day. To help make your holidays a little less hectic (and a fantastic holiday gift idea), I'd like to share with you Sisters Gourmet pre-measured mason jars filled with cookie and brownie mixes!

Each mix was phenomenal. From its exquisite, holiday-themed presentation right down to how deliciously simple each recipe is, you can make freshly baked cookies in no time for your family and friends or you may decide to give the mixes as gifts to your loved ones. The cookies were moist, gooey and very tasty. The Winter White Cranberry were especially festive, I loved the colors of the ingredients that evoke a sense of the holidays. The Elf Treats were so delicious and chocolatey, the youngsters of the family especially loved the Elf Treats, which the name being so appropriate!

For a limited time, orders over $60 have free shipping! Visit their blog or website to learn more information. 

Their website offers baking tips and recipes! Each mix comes with its own recipes in addition to quick tips for that item! Sisters Gourmet: "Baking a difference since 1995." Visit their website to learn more about their company and how they were founded and began.

Happy Baking!

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