Sunday, August 26, 2012

S'mores for Summer

Happy Sunday!

My family and I were making s'mores at my house for the weekend. We were trying some "creative" ways to make a s'more. I never like to use the microwave because the taste is no where near authentic.

I originally suggested we try to place a graham cracker with a marshmallow on aluminum foil and place it in the oven on broil for one to two minutes. However, we did not want to heat up our kitchen as we just finished making crab cakes and a stew. We seemed to have misplaced our wooden skewers, so we figured aluminum foil over the grill top would be our best bet as it does not attract as much heat.

Of course the best way is to hold the marshmallow on a stick high over the bonfire. In about two months when I visit Disney for the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, I will demonstrate the best way to roast marshmallows and make the perfect s'more, one of my favorite desserts.

We did a test with the first piece of the aluminum foil, but they burned too quickly. We tried it again when the grill was off so the heat was not as intense. I definitely recommend placing the chocolate on the graham cracker after the marshallow has slightly melted and browned. We were so successful, though we would have wanted to see the marshmallows brown slightly around the sides, instead it only melted the marshmallows. They were still yummy!!
We used honey graham crackers, Hershey's special dark chocolate bars and your standard marshmallows.

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