Friday, July 13, 2012

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates Review!

Dear Friends,

I am so happy to introduce you to Vermont Nut Free Chocolates based in Grand Isle, Vermont, whose products are guaranteed to be Peanut and Tree Nut Free. The company was founded by the mother of a young boy who had a peanut allergy. It is wonderful to hear about individuals who take that initiative to start an incredible company with the better interests of their family at heart. It is wonderful that children and adults are able to enjoy delicious chocolates and oat bars without the fear of consuming products with traces of nuts, as many products run the risk of having those traces.

Immediately upon learning about Vermont Nut Free Chocolates through Specialty Food Magazine, I mentioned the chocolate company to several friends who have children with peanut and or tree nut allergies. They each go to great lengths to make sure that at children's parties, school events, etc. that they do not accidentally consume or are exposed to nuts. They were very happy when I told them about Vermont Nut Free Chocolates and eagerly visited their web page to learn more.

The company sent me three TANABARS, or nut-free granola bars for review. I received Triple Berry, Sweet Raisin and Chocolate Chip. I loved all three flavours so much with Chocolate Chip being my absolute favorite of the three. I enjoyed each bar after either visiting the gym for an intense workout or after work in the morning. The bar satisfied my hunger craving and gave me that extra boost of energy, which I was very thankful for! I hope to try the bars again soon and would definitely order the box of twelve as sold on their website.

They offer a wide variety of assorted truffles, pretzels, jelly beans, toffee, chocolate candies, chocolate bars, fudge, and energy MetaBalls* (that sound amazing) that come in four flavours: Chompin' Chocolate, Mocho Loco, Bashin' Berry and Raisin The Roof. They also sell a wide variety of chocolate mold pops from Triceratops and Teddy Bears to American Flags and an emblem mold of the Statue of Liberty.

I would love to order the Chompin' Chocolate MetaBalls, more of the TANABAR Chocolate Chip, Maple Creams, Raspberry CreamsChewy Caramels, and Smurtles (a crunchy, chewy combination of fresh mini marshmallows, crunchy crisp rice, caramel and milk chocolate). Don't they sound delicious?!

*MetaBall is owned by Beyond The Mirror, LLC and is manufactured and distributed under license by Vermont Nut Free. All rights reserved.

Order Vermont Nut Free Chocolates here or by calling 1-888-468-8373.

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