Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tisano Chocolate Review!

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Experience the aroma and taste of delicious tea with a ribbon of chocolate. Tisano Tea Company: Cacao, Tea and Chocolate, are the recipients of the North American Tea Champion Award and the 2010 VegNews Best In Show. Their teas, including their chocolate teas, are dairy-free and sugar free with a rich aroma and decadent taste.

The ingredients include 100% Organic Cacao Shell. There is no milk, no sugar, no other additives, just cacao bean. This is a very healthy and beverage that allows consumers to experience guilt-free indulgences anytime of day. I prefer to have one cup of tea in the morning and in the afternoon or late evening. I prefer sweeter tea in the earlier hours and soothing tea in the afternoon or late evening. I indulged in Tisano Cacao Tea in the late afternoon or after dinner. Their tea pairs perfectly with tea cookies, vegan cookies or crispy chocolate chip cookies.


I would either add agave, honey or a dash of pure cane sugar to sweeten your tea. Otherwise, the cacao itself is very robust tasting, if you prefer it that way. My husband prefers his tea without sugar. The aroma of Tisano is brilliant; it heightens your senses and puts you in the mood for deep thought or intimate conversations with loved ones.

Tisano sells loose leaf cacao tea, 100% cacao nibs that are great for on-the-go, cocoa powder and butter in addition to Roiibos Vanilla Tea.

Purchase their tea and cacao products online here.

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