Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Happy Hypochondriac Review

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to a terrific new title available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon or your local bookstore: The Happy Hypochondriac.


The book, written by Kat Spitzer, is a hilarious story that narrates personal accounts throughout her life as a hypochondriac, according to each of her medical files. Each chapter is unique and personal, where we are able to laugh with her and understand what she is going through from all angles and perspectives through various stages of her life. The book weaves through her experiences, from her dance recital as a young girl to her college days, as each page comes alive with funny yet touching, vivid descriptions of all the craziness that occurs throughout her life.

The Happy Hypochondriac brought me back to when I was in sixth grade when we were learning about infectious diseases in our science classes. I believe to this day that the material we learned was much to advanced for our age and maturity level. I remember that my friends and I all thought we had these diseases. We would always remind each other to wash our hands before we ate, even a small piece of candy. I would go home and sanitize my binders and start cleaning my room. In addition, I would always worry that my bedroom and belongings were somehow contaminated with an infectious disease or that I was sick with a disease because I would have a headache one day or seem to feel exhausted for no reason. Communicating with my family helped me get rid of my fear. It took a little over a year to fully overcome that fear and not let those outlandish thoughts debilitate me.I need to focus on my life and having fun and that is what this story tells us to remember to do.We are in control of our life's enjoyment.

The story is truly a one-of-a-kind that readers of all ages will enjoy. The story is very entertaining and each chapter had me laughing out loud, with often side-splitting bursts of laughter. The message that I perceived from reading the book is that laughter always exists around us and that happiness and the ability to make fun of yourself are the greatest healing powers.

Author, Kat Spitzer
Kat Spitzer graduated from Vanderbilt University and received her law degree from Vermont Law School. The Happy Hypochondriac is published by Apprentice House. To purchase your copy of The Happy Hypochondriac, click here. Visit her blog at: www.happyhypochondriac.com.

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