Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rent, not buy: college textbooks

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I would like to give a special shout-out to all potential and current high school, college, graduate and doctoral students. Why purchase your textbooks for astronomical prices when you can rent them and SAVE TONS of money! has your solution! At their website, you can save 40-90% off the cost of textbooks at bookstore prices! The company also offers free shipping both ways with flexible renting periods. They also offer live customer support and have the LARGEST selection of textbooks for rental in the nation!

Below is are example textbooks from their website:,-Mary-Ann-Pangle/9780865304734/


Their website includes AP exam test prep books, language dictionaries, and thousands of books that you can search by subject, ISBN #, title, author and keyword. Everyone that will be or is currently attending college MUST visit their website!

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How does it work?: FAQ's: donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented. Operation Smile is a international children's medical charity that works with children who are born with clefts and whose families are unable to afford the surgery. According to the Operation Smile website, a child is born with a cleft every three minutes. These children are often unable to eat, socialize, speak and smile. It is a painful thing for children to experience because they are often rejected and shunned in their societies. Operation Smile works in over 60 countries to heal children's smiles and change their lives forever. Since 1982, Operation Smile has provided over 200,000 free surgeries to children around the world.

Create a smile and change a life. Donate to Operation Smile here!

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