Thursday, December 22, 2011

Historic Greenwich Village Shops

Dear Readers,

Below are some amazing shops I visted (or want to visit soon) on my recent trip to Historic Greenwich Village. In my opinion, this is the most unique, quaint and special places within Manhattan. See for yourself by taking a trip there!

McNulty's Tea and Coffee:
I go to this unique coffee and tea shop for loose and bagged teas as well as coffee beans from around the world including Scotland, England, China, parts of Africa, Sri Lanka, India and more. They sell rare and fine teas and coffee for everyone in your family. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and they will always help you to find what you are looking for from flavor, strength and price range. This shop is located on Christopher St near Bleecker St.

The Meadow:
I have not visited this shop yet but I intend to soon to purchase a chocolate item and their sampler gourmet salt collection. This shop sells gourmet, imported salts, chocolate, bitters and more.

Myers of Kewsick:  
I cannot believe I did not find this shop sooner. Located on Hudson St, this quaint British grocery shop offers popular grocery items you would find in England. I missed certain grocery items so much after I came back to the US and I am so happy I can enjoy the same foods again so soon! For the holidays, they sell traditional British Christmas pudding and make fresh sausage on the premise daily. The shop also offers your Beitish favorites such as sticky toffee pudding, jelly babies, crisps, digestive biscuits and HobNob biscuits.

Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks: If you are a chef, food writer, historian, love to cook or are a foodie all around, you must visit this amazing shop filled with vintage cookbooks of every kind! This shop also sells vintage and international postcards as well as various maps of Greenwich Village. If you are looking for a specific cookbook that is vintage or out of print, the owner or the person working will kindly help you and will even try to find the cookbook or item elsewhere. This cozy shop also sells books that focus on mannerisms for the table and vintage recipe pamphlets from old TV shows. They also sell vintage signs to decorate your kitchen with.

The Bathroom:
I am so glad I found this adorable shop! I purchased luxurious bath items for my mom, grandma and mother-in-law. They sell domestic and international bath items, many that are rare or hard to find, for men and women. Their bath products include soaps, creams and more from countries such as Italy, France, Portugal and England. The people who work their are very friendly and helpful and they wrapped each gift item in individual bags with tissue paper and red ribbon. This shop is located on Charles St.

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