Friday, July 29, 2011

Heritage Shortbread Review!

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I am very elated to be posting a review of Heritage Shortbread. I recently received a beautifully packaged box of square shortbread cookies and tried them immediately. The packaging was classic and elegant at the same time, therefore it was quite difficult for me to open only because the packaging was like a work of art. What is excellent is before you open the box, the ribbon around the box is resealable with a gentle stick tape already adhered to the ribbon. This is very convenient!

In my box there were two rows of four square shortbread cookies, eight in total. I tried to at first, but definitely had to tell myself over and over to stop so my family could try them as well. The cookies were fresh, with a gentle buttery taste and the cookie did not crumble as I enjoyed it. Recently arriving back from the UK, it was such a treat to arrive home to a box of Heritage Shortbread cookies, as shortbread "biscuits" were one of my favorite treats in Great Britain. The shortbread cookies were a happy reminiscent of my trip.

The Heritage Shortbread cookies are based on the original McGrain family recipe. The cookies are handcrafted byWillow McGrain in South Carolina's Lowcountry and are made with all natural ingredients. The cookies are made with the same secret ingredients that her family has used for generations. They wish to share their family's heritage with you!

Shortbread traditions: "Scottish Shortbread, traced back to 12th Century Scotland, is a delicate, sweet biscuit, now popular throughout the world. Traditionally it was enjoyed only at festive occasions such as weddings and Hogmanay, Scotland’s New Year’s Eve."

Purchase your Heritage Shortbread Today! Or, find your local retailer that sells Heritage Shortbread here. They have locations in South Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, New York City, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Kansas, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia and Washington D.C. They also have corporate gifts available!

Bottom two pictures, courtesy of Heritage Shortbread

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