Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Comments Toward Recent Kardashian Engagement

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I was recently surfing Yahoo! and came across a news story in US Weekly that exclaimed that Kim Kardashian and her beau, Kris, (same name as my fiance's), are recently an engaged couple. It was not surprising, but still astounding, that he purchased an engagement ring that weighed a total of 20.5 karats with an approximate $2 million price tag. I read the comments from Yahoo! readers that were both for and against the story, some saying that they were happy for the couple, whereas others were not wishing their congratulatory wishes. Below are my thoughts to this whole story...

First, it is usually a very happy occasion when a couple becomes engaged. However, I must agree with the majority of the comments regarding this story, personally I do not feel that the karat weight of the ring is most important, rather the quality (color, cut and clarity). In my opinion, after seeing a picture of the ring, it is definitely ostentatious and over the top. (I personally think the whole thing is a publicity stunt). When I found out that he supposedly spent 18% of his entire earnings throughout his professional career on just the ring, Kris needs someone backing him up with his finances...because that is just outrageous and ridiculous spending. People who spend outrageous sums of money on material items need their head examined.

With so many people today struggling to find jobs and live a stress-free lifestyle, it is appalling how these celebrities spend money. Sure, they donate money to charities; however, it is all a tax right off for them. If they did not donate money, they would be paying that money to the government instead. All celebrities for what they do are overpaid. I definitely believe that the paparazzi should not be invasive and stalk them, but that is sometimes what being a celebrity is all about.

I also do not like how Kim seems to try to jump back into the lime light when she feels she may be falling out of it. In my opinion, her sisters, especially Kourtney, are much nicer. In addition, I feel that Kim, is trying to now outshine Khloe with her intended upcoming nuptials.

In any event, good luck to her otherwise!


  1. As far as I'm concerned, that money could be put to much better uses than to a marriage that probably doesn't stand much of a chance. Seems like rich people are becoming more and more socially irresponsible, and everyone acts like it's ok....

  2. I totally agree with Tonja, they are allowed to do anything, it's not fair!

  3. Let's be real...Kris Humphries does NOT make that much money. His handlers would never let him pay for that ring. Kim obviously had to have a ring that would blow everyone else out of the water, so I'm guessing she probably paid for at least half of that ring.

  4. True but it's a celeb so it always has to be overblown like this! Awesome post!


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