Thursday, April 28, 2011

25 Facts You May Not Know About Me

I got the inpsiration from celebrity gossip magazines, when they pose this questionnaire to them. I thought I should give it a try!

1. My favorite travel destination is NYC and the Caribbean
2. My favorite designer is Burberry
3. My goal is to visit 100 countries in the next 50 years (4 down, 96 more to go!)
4. I love the Food Network- the website, magazine and television show. My favorite show is Unwrapped (but I love them all)
5. My favorite watersport is jetskiing and swimming
6. My favorite dish to cook is pasta, risotto, and Champ (an irish dish). My favorite dish to eat is a crab and avocado salad
7. I never where makeup...I don't even own any beauty product besides chapstick and body wash & lotion
8. I like animals more than I like most people
9. My favorite cartoon is Totoro
10. I like my sushi at room temperature
11. When I go to a restaurant, I usually order what I always order (the usual). Once I find a dish I like, I stick to it.
12. My favorite workout is Kickboxing
13. I love boutiques and unique, one-of-a-kind outfits
14. My favorite cookie is White and Lemon Chocolate Chip
15. My fondest memory growing up is playing the games Husker-Do and Hot n' Cold with my Grandpa
16. I love everything nutella and cookie dough
17. I would love to learn another spoken language. I would like to become fluent in Tagalog and Italian
18. I drink tea 3 times a day
19. I collect postcards from around the world
20. I love lady bugs
21. My favorite scent is vanilla and lemon
22. I wish to hold and pet a lion cub
23. My dream is to write an article for National Geographic
24. I have met and interviewed over 50 celebrities and famous authors
25. I met my future husband when I was three years old


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  2. wow, it's incredible that you don't wear makeup. I bet you have an adorable and healthy skin


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