Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Organic Jammies Jams Review!

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I am more than excited to post a review for Jammies Jams, a seller of Organic Artisanal Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Conserves and Preserves based in Santa Monica, CA. I had the opportunity to try the Shanhai Blackberry organic jam and the Cupid's Bow BBQ sauce. The blackberry jam is made from organic wild blackberries, cane sugar, lemon and spices. The BBQ sauce is made from tomatoes, molasses, vinegar, oranges, cane sugar, Valrhona dark chocolate, spices. It has just the right amound of spice and touch of dark chocolate and compliments any meat well and could be used for grilling.

The blackberry jam is delicious on whole wheat toast, an English muffin, on a wheat cracker and also compliments aged cheeses very nicely. I paired my blackberry jam on a wheat cracker with Kerry Gold Dubliner cheese. What I loved most about the Shanghai blackberry jam is that the taste of the fruit magnified the jam and was not overpowered with sweetners or sugar. All ingredients are organic and made without perservatives or high fructose corn syrup. Next time I would like to try the Cherry Cobbler and the Vanilla Pear Jam.

An interested fact I learned from the company is that jam companies based in the west coast usually do not sell their jams on the east cost because of the high cost of wholesale shipping. I feel this is a shame because Jammie Jams should definitely be sold in every Whole Foods markets and organic outlets.

Actress and singer, Cher, is a huge fan of MacJammies here favorite Jammies are featured here.

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