Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Protect Our Beautiful Tigers

Let us work together to protect our tigers. Here are a few actions you can take to help protect and love the beautiful wild tiger:

1. Buy locally made, non-wildlife souvenirs
If you really want to buy souvenirs, why not choose locally made handicrafts that benefit local communities? Beaded jewelry, wood carvings, paintings — items not made from animals — are good choices. You might also consider donating to, or visiting, projects that conserve habitat and protect endangered species, such as animal sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centers.
2. Think about animal welfare

Don't take part in any activity that is cruel to animals or promotes the poaching of wild animals. Examples include trophy or sport hunting, having your photograph taken with chimpanzees or other performing animals, visiting circuses or bullfights, or taking rides on sick, over-worked or badly treated horses, donkeys, elephants, or camels. They may look harmless, but activities like these can inflict cruelty to individual animals and encourage the over-exploitation of wildlife.
3. Report endangered species products
If you suspect you have seen or been offered an endangered species product.
On Holiday
· Notify the local police, your hotel management, tour operator, or the local tourist board — and warn your fellow travelers.
At Home
· Notify your local police.

· Explain the dangers of buying products made from endangered species to your friends and family.

· Ask friends and family to set an example by giving any endangered species products they may have bought in the past to the proper authorities to be destroyed.
4. Choose responsible ecotourism
Ecotourism is tourism that has the least possible impact on the environment. It's the responsible way to see the world's wonders. But be careful — some tour operators and hotels use the label "ecotourism" because it's fashionable when, in fact, their operations leave much to be desired.

If possible, try to stay in a hotel or lodge that employs local people, uses local food and other products such as building materials, and/or contributes to the local community in some other way. The resort should also have minimal environmental impact and use water and other precious resources wisely.
Learn as much as possible about the culture, language, and wildlife of the country you are visiting. Be respectful of local folkways and traditions. Embrace the experience while expanding your view of the incredible, diverse world we all share.
5. Help spread the word

Help IFAW spread the message: Think Twice; Don't buy Wildlife Souvenirs. Working together, we can stop the illegal trade in wildlife. We can ensure that wild animals, like tigers, are left in the wild where they belong. If we don't buy, they don't die.

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