Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Attitude Girl Book Review

 Happy Holidays!

 I was very happy to receive an autographed copy of The Attitude Girl by Mila Bernadkin in the mail. Reading the book was quite an enjoyment and even brought my back to me high school years (which weren't that long ago). It was a fun read. I was certainly glad to take a break from my hectic schedule of writing articles and reading literature for school and work.

The Attitude Girl, front and back
The story is written in the first person, the speaker being Victoria (Vicky), a 17 year old girl with an attitude (but not too much attitude that it overpowers her character and charisma. The story follows her relationship with her friends, guys at school, dating, bullying, college applications, family relationships and classes. Her and her friends are gorgeous, fun, intelligent young women. Vicky lives with her mother, an aspiring interior designer and has a close bond with her mother's parents.
But does her attitude become a barrier between her boyfriend, her family and her friends? Is she simply being realistic and honest by expressing her feelings?  Find out by reading this amazing and gripping story.
I liked especially touched upon a variety of situations that many students face while in school, from college applications to guys to even tougher situations such as bullying and family related occurrences. This page turner is realistic and moving every step of the way. I especially liked the relationship that Vicky developed with a character named Tina, who transformed for the better. I also appreciated all of the situations touched upon, especially bullying. This topic needs to be spoken of more often as it is a very serious issue in schools today that should never be taken lightly. I am strongly against bullying and have zero tolerance for such ruthless and cold behavior.
I loved that Vicky was a reporter; some of her journalistic work is woven into the story, which is a nice touch! Humor, passion, anger, sadness are encompassed in this impressive coming of age novel.

 The Attitude Girl is a young adult novel. I recommend it for high school and college students. The novel is a winner of eight literary awards, including a 2009 winner in the London Book Festival contest.
Vicky's story is full of inspiration and impact that any young individual can appreciate, learn from and enjoy. I am very glad I read this book and recommended it for you.

Check out the book's website to find out more! Buy your copy today!


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