Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Tabby Cat Abby!

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would share some photos of my Tabby Cat Abby, the "niece" of my cats Puffy and Tigger. My fiancé and I adopted her when she was ten months old from our local animal shelter. She was originally a stray cat, very shy and very wild! When we adopted her, the shelter mentioned to us that it may take a while for her to adjust to us. When we brought her home, she of course started to sniff around and then she found a little hiding spot between the shower curtains in our bathroom. I went in to say hi to her once every forty-five minutes to help her become adjusted to us. I gave her her green mouse she had at the shelter and she played with that in the bath tub for a little while. 

Just the next day, she came to say hi to us and jumped on the bed. We were so happy that she adjusted to us so quickly! When a representative from the animal shelter called us to follow up on Abby, they were very pleased to hear that she was doing well and of her quick adjustment. 

She loves to run around the house and play with her toy mice. We spoil her with toys! She loves it when you toss them across the floor or through them on the bed. She will bat them around and kick them with her hind legs. She is so active and also eats a ton of food to fuel all that energy she has. We are so blessed that she is a happy and healthy kitty! She loves to run around the house and jump to each windowsill and look at the birds and squirrels outside. We just put a bird feeder outside for the bluejays and robins. We also have squirrels and chipmunks that like to visit. We have this really large squirrel that Abby likes to chitter to. It is almost as big as her! Probably because he is eating all the bird food! What a silly little squirrel. :-)

On of her toy mice she likes to play with
She loves fancy feast, gourmet fancy feast soft food, and All Natural Temptations. She also likes fresh salmon. After a week of having her, she takes a huge piece of salmon in her mouth and runs underneath the bed with it and eats it there, most likely because of her wild instincts from when she was a stray. She doesn't do that anymore and instead eats with us near the dinner table.
She likes to look out that window at the birds and squirrels near the bird feeder!

My mom gave her this scratch post to sit on and pull her nails, and she just loves it. She sometimes sleeps there or on the bed on one of her two blankets my mom also got for her. Also, when you call her by name she allows meows a response. It is so cute because every time we come home, she is waiting for us right near the door or looking through the kitchen window for us to come up the stairs. She meows and says hi right when we come in.

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