Thursday, October 21, 2010

Killing is NOT Fashionable

 It is disgusting that even today, the fur industry still exists. It is beyond pathetic and disturbing that innocent animals are killed for fashion. The skin and fur of animals are in no way fashionable or should ever be considered such. Innocent animals should never be sacrificed for us to wear. Killing animals should never be a part of the fashion industry nor should it be a step to create clothing.
Donna Karan is one of the companies that still uses real fur in her fashion line. In 2008, she even announced she was NOT going to use fur anymore for her products. What a hypocrite! I refuse to buy her products ever! Please visit Peta's Take Action website against Donna Karan
Other brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton use lambskin and calfskin when designing their products. I feel if many more caring people realized this and what the fur industry does not reveal would never even think of buying such a thing. I mean, seriously!? How could anyone kill a lamb or calf, or sheep, dog, cat, beaver, seal, deer, mink, etc., etc. for fashion purposes, or even at all. It is beyond me.  
I cannot even describe without feeling sick to my stomach the process of the fur industry. The ruthless killing process is unheard of, and it happens every day, mainly in China, and in many other parts of the world.
There are many types of fabrics, such faux fur that can replace animal products. And it is fashionable! I am always making sure when I buy a product that is made with faux fur or an animal product substitute, such as "pleather."
You can shop for vegan clothing products here.
Whenever I have purchased a car, I have always requested that I do not want leather interior. I also buy sofas and furniture that are not made from animal skins. I cannot wait until the day that wearing fur is eradicated.
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