Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grocery Store Finds

I also love to discover tasty new products/brands whenever I visit a gourmet show or grocery store.  Ever since I attended and wrote an article on the Fancy Food Show in NYC, I have been enjoying and purchasing new items at the grocery store, of which I would like to share with you.  There are also many brands that I have continued to be throughout the years.  I tend to look for foods that are on sale and that have been rarely or never been recalled.

Some gourmet food brands include:
Cheese, Kerrygold Dubliner and Blarney Cheese
I have purchased this cheese brand since 2008 and use it in many of my dishes and for many parties as a snack.  I especially love the Dubliner cheese shredded on macaroni and cheese or one a piece of french bread.  I enjoy eating the Blarney Cheese with a thin wafer and tea. 

Pure Vanilla, Neilsen-Massey Vanillas
The have a complete line of pure vanilla products and pure flavor extracts.  Great for baking, I highly recommend their lemon, almond, vanilla and chocolate extract, among others. 

Everything Bacon, J&D's
Bacon flavored mayonaise?!  (Also known as Baconnaise).  Their products also include bacon salt, bacon ranch and bacon popcorn.  Kosher certified and vegetarian friendly. Go crazy with bacon!  

Steak Sauce, Peter Luger
Incredible and out of this world!  Try it with meatballs as a dipping sauce, on hamburgers, on chicken,, or of course, with steak. 

Irresistible brand name foods:
Food- Thomas's Corn Cakes and English Muffins, Le Petit Ecolier (The Little Schoolboy) cookies and biscuits, Laughing Cow Cheese, Ken's Dressings, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Chobani Greek Yogurt, Quaker Quisp and Oatmeal, Blue Diamond Almonds, Sunsweet Dried Fruit, Classico Pasta Sauces, Reddi-Whip and Cool Whip, Klondike Bars, Bush's Baked Beans, Ferina (Cream of Wheat) and Wheatina, among others. 

Drinks- Paul Newman's Iced Tea, Simply Orange and Lemonade, Stewart's Soda,  Silk Pure Almond Milk, and Orangina. 
Grocery brand names:
Stop and Shop's Simply Enjoy- including sorbet, gelato, and frozen vegetables.

What are brands that you recommend?

Please note: These are not my opinions.  I am not being paid to endorse these products.


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  2. Great recommendations! Bacon flavored Mayonnaise? I have to try that!


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