Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Cries For Help

Lately I have been keeping up with the celebrity news by reading the latest gossip magazines, People Magazine, and watching E! News, etc.  Lindsay Lohan's case stood out to me, mainly because I have always enjoyed watching some of her movies, especially the Parent Trap (one of my favorites).  She was undoubtedly a very talented actress and I do believe she has not last that talent.  It is just such a shame that such a talented individual spun into an intoxicating lifestyle of abusing drugs and alcohol.  But who is to blame?
Parent Trap Lindsay Lohan
Being a celebrity is often a grueling and overwhelming lifestyle.  Every move you make can and will be judged and compared.  Sure, you can definitely argue that it is up to the individuals themselves with who and what they become involved with and how they spend their free time, if they are famous or not.  There are many high profile celebrities that do not "party hard" or party at all.  I do believe, that much of how you are portrayed as a celebrity is who you surround yourself with.  While trying to escape the limelight, they may end up delving into something that overcomes, such as drugs.  Also parental guidance is a major factor...alcohol abuse in the family, perhaps. 
My point is despite how much negative criticism Lindsay has received over the past couple of weeks, I personally feel that she is a great actress and should be given a chance to recuperate.  I am not speaking from a personal perspective, but I do know from listening to others that overcoming drug and alcohol abuse is very cumbersome and painful at times.  Often, individuals relapse, and there needs to be a strong support system.  It is a quite a process, but they can overcome it with time.  Lindsay needs a strong support group around her, not the hindrances of the media, negative criticism from those who are close to her, etc.
Was she lying to the judge stating that she has done her best to attend the sessions and was being complaint with her busy schedule?  Well, I'll say that saying she is "an actress for a living" is not fair!
It is such a trying situation; how could anyone put the blame on one person, the victim?  She needs rehab, not jail.

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  1. If she does indeed have one moleculee of talent in her body, it has been eclipsed by her idiocy & bad decisions.


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