Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dine like a Celebrity

Paparazzi, take a snap at this

Candy Sushi- Whip up a batch of Rice Krispies treats (made with a little extra marshmallow) and cut them into sushi roll-size circles using a cookie cutter.  Poke little holes in the middle and fill with gummies, jujube fish, twizzlers, and Swedish fish, then wrap each "roll" in a Fruit Roll-Ups strip. 
Another method is to cut the slabs of Rice Krispie Treats into rectangles and stack them on wax paper.  Then add the candy and roll the Rice Krispie treat around the candy.  Only roll once, because you do not want it too thick!  Trim the excess with a knife, then wrap the fruit roll up around it (squeeze). Leave the plastic wrap on my roll-up while applying it to the candy, make sure to remove it before cutting into sushi pieces.     
Serve on a square plate with chop sticks for an authentic look. 

candy sushi party

candy sushi party

For a glamorous look, bask your candles in a golden glow.  Just paint 1-inch stripes of candle glue onto a pillar candle and sprinkle with glitter.  A gold table cover and a sprinkle of confetti add to the sophisticated vibe. 
table cover: plumparty.com
confetti: partycity.com

*in part courtesy of Seventeen Magazine and mommyknows.com


  1. Hi! Just hopping over from The Mommy-Files! This is so creative and colorful, I will have to try it for a party, what a conversation piece!

  2. I love it, especially how it looks so real!

  3. These are adorable...perfect for parties :)


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