Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to my Blog

Thank you for visiting!
I look forward to sharing my experiences and insights into what I love most!  I will mostly be blogging about:
  • Cooking/Baking- TONS of dessert recipes, tips for beginner cooks, foreign foods, restaurants & recommended food products that I love
  • Animal Rights- My journey along the way on how I am transitioning into becoming a "pescetarian" (I will only eat shellfish/fish), a month being a vegan & the personal health benefits I encounter, and current projects I am working on to promote animal rights & working with animals
  • Writing- I am currently finishing three novels, learning how to market myself, and am currently looking for an AGENT!  If you are an agent, please READ :-)  I wrote my first novel when I was13 & self-published it when I was 17, CHECK IT OUT: A Memory Between the Hills (By V.A. Pinto)  *I will be changing my writing name back to my real name, Vanessa Pinto, permanently.  I recently attended Author's Night and played in The Artist's & Writer's Softball Game
  • Travel- I absolutely LOVE traveling!  I will blog about my travels around the world, my work at the United Nations, my experience volunteering abroad & working with NGO's (non-governmental organizations).
  • The Little Sips of Life

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