Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pocky, A Japanese Snack

Everyone Loves Pocky!


I first tried pocky at the Japanese Epcot Pavilion in Walt Disney World, Orlando. This is a snack that is “Big in Japan” and is gaining popularity in the U.S.  These are small, thin, chocolate-dipped biscuit sticks available in dozens of flavors including some “exotic flavors”, super-sized sticks, and even a “Men’s Pocky” product (dark chocolate).
It is a great addition to serve at any children’s party or get-together, adults will also appreciate it! 
My favorite pocky is the Dessert Pocky.  I recently tried this flavor below Chocolat Fromage.  It was so delicious and definitely satisifed my pocky craving!  It is a light biscuit dipped first in a cheese mixture, then dipped again in milk chocolate and covered with milk chocolate swirls.  There are 3 in an individual package inside the box (4 total).  This pocky will work very nicely accompained with an afternoon tea, hot cocoa or milk.  Mascarpone, a cream cheese regularly used in Italian desserts, was used.  Who knew that cheese and chocolate (two of my favorite foods), mixed well together?

 A great place to buy Pocky online
Pocky shop

You can find a selected variety of pocky at your local grocery store, at a specialty foods or Asian market.   Shops that sell pocky in NYC include: Sunrise Market (East Village), Po Wing Hong Food Market (Chinatown, Little Italy), Hong Kong Supermarket of Brooklyn (Borough Park), M2M (Morningside Heights) & Adinah's Farm (East Village)

Other tasty Japanese snacks include Yan Yan and Hello Panda.  Yan Yan are biscuits similiar to Pocky that you dip yourself into either typically vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry icing.  Each biscuit also has a cute message on it!  The Hello Panda snacks come in either chocolate or vanilla vanilla filled round biscuits with cute images on them!  Douzo omeshiagari kudasai!  あなたはそれをお楽しみ下さい


  1. pocky is fun. i bet buying it by the case might lead me to eating them quick rather than saving them up.

  2. pocky was a big thing in thailand and it still is! but it's price has gone up from 8 baht to 15 baht..not much by American standards but it still was shocker here! lol


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